iPhone 12 Luxury Crocodile Leather

Lamothe Sustainable Development on Leather Case !

Lamothe action for sustainable development is founded on the values passed down through the generations by the artisans who have shaped our house and our objects since 2012.
The roots of our longevity lie in a sense of responsibility, a quest for authenticity, and respect for time and natural resources.
We wish to leave a positive imprint on the world. Men and women, the communities that we belong to, and materials derived from our natural environment have been our constant companions from our very origins.
Today, they are more than ever at the heart of our preoccupations and our commitment to progress.

iPhone 12 Case Crocodile Alligator Dubai United Arab Emirates

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  • Aicha

    Excellent article, Lamothe is truly inspiring on the luxury iPhone leather cases especially for iPhone, AirPods Pro and Apple Watch stripes !! well done Lamothe!

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